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Your topic at Quick Topic is just as private as its web address, and the address is extremely hard to guess. It's a randomly generated string of characters. There are over 53,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 different possible names.

Quick Topic doesn't make your participants log in with a password, making it really simple for them to get started. That fact means that the group of people who know your topic's web address have access to the messages for your topic, and can post messages using whatever name they choose. So Quick Topic's privacy depends mostly on the trustworthiness of the members of your group. With QuickTopic Pro, you can require people to sign in.

Your page won't be indexed by search engines unless you link to it from a public web page. Search engines work by following links from other pages or by visiting pages purposefully submitted to them. Your Quick Topic discussion pages are isolated "islands" on the web unless you link to them from somewhere.

If you want your topic open for public discussion, you're of course free to publicize its address by sending email to your friends, posting it on your web site, etc.

One more tip on keeping your topic private: if you visit your Quick Topic forum using a public computer (like at a library), you should use the browser's Incognito or Private Browsing mode.

Because complete privacy can't be guaranteed under these circumstances, you should be just as careful with your messages' content as you would when sending email or participating in other social media.

If you'd like even more privacy assurance, you can password protect your topic with QuickTopic Pro, which lets you assign a secret password to each of your QuickTopic boards.