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I'd like to acknowledge the contributions of many people who have helped bring QuickTopicSM and QuickTopic Document Review to fruition:

Most recently Nate Yost has done much of the work to bring the entire new site design into reality. Thanks, Nate!

Thanks to several reviewers, but especially Jon Udell and Dan Kalikow, for valuable input on the Document Review feature. Jon actually inspired the feature with his use of QuickTopic for gathering comments on his excellent paper Internet Groupware for Scientific Collaboration. We subsequently discussed the possible feature in detail. Dan provided fantastically thoughtful, thorough, and well-organized feedback and testing throughout the feature's development.

A special thanks to Keith Dawson, former author of the well-known and respected Tasty Bits from the Technology Front newsletter and site ( Keith provided excellent, incisive advice and encouragement, from QuickTopic's earliest stages through its beta test and beyond. Keith is now formally an advisor to Internicity.

Thanks to Dan Kalikow, Joshua McGee, t byfield, and Keith Dawson for reviewing the edit/delete feature and providing other ongoing insights.

Tom Stuart did a fantastic job implementing the My Topics page, and the delete-specific-message Admin function.

And thanks to all of you who have emailed suggestions, many of which have been implemented as features, with several more on the to-do list. We always welcome more!

-Steve Yost,   Internicity Inc.

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