What we're about

QuickTopic fills the gap

QuickTopic fills the gap in social tools between plain old email, broadcast sites like Facebook and Twitter, and long-term solutions like threaded web bulletin boards or mailing lists.

Email is cumbersome for long-ish group discussions. Conversations are scattered in in-boxes.
Facebook and Twitter are mostly about broadcasting to your friends.
Heavyweight collaboration systems are hard to set up and confusing to use.

QuickTopic fills the gap by providing a super-easy single-topic web forum that's also fully email-enabled. You can start a topic in ten seconds, and participants can use just email to participate, or they can use the web board, or both. QuickTopic is mobile-friendly too.

Instant collaboration

QuickTopic is about frictionless, instant collaboration. In your group, everyone must be comfortable. That's why our core principle is "keep it simple".

Just-in-time features

QuickTopic is simple to use right from the start. But when you want to do more, you can. For example, if you decide you want more than one topic forum, you can create as many as you want, and use QuickTopic's Shared Topics page to create a public index of topics that you and your group care about. We use this philosophy throughout QuickTopic's design: simplicity at first glance, but features that are there when you need them.

QuickTopic Features

Web-based Discussion – You easily create and manage discussions using your browser. Your participants join in even more easily.

Complete Email Integration – Just about every uses email, so QuickTopic is completely integrated with email. Your participants can work entirely within email, while still keeping the advantages of a web forum (like a central place to view the conversation). Below are specific email features.

Unique Discussion URL – QuickTopic automatically generates a long random unique URL for each discussion. This supports privacy and confidentiality of each topic, if that's desirable. Topics can also be linked to web pages to make them public and invite open participation.

RSS Feeds – Each topic has its own RSS feed, accessible by simply appending ".rss" to the topic's URL.

Personal and Public Indexes – QuickTopic's My Topics page provides personalized indexes of an individual’s own discussions. Anyone can also create a Shared Topics page from their My Topics list to provide a public index of selected discussions.

Administration – The individual starting the discussion can administer and control the discussion forum.

Topic Introduction (Pro version) – An introduction can be placed at the top of any web forum -- most useful for long-running conversations.

Upload Pictures (Pro version) – Participants can upload pictures to the web forum.