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[F8] Zarmilla and Carmilla

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PlanetboxPerson was signed in when posted
10:04 PM ET (US)
“Great, I’m glad you agree!” Zarmilla shouted, slapping Carmilla hard on the back. “Here’s hoping we both make it another week! I’m sure we’ll wind up sharing loads of laughs!”

And then she was gone, like nothing but a distant dream.


In the midst of the chaotic Elimination Game, Zarmilla pressed herself against the wall, fixing a glare on Carmilla.

“Well now, looks like we’re in a real mess!”
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AkkordianPerson was signed in when posted
06:13 AM ET (US)
"Um..." Carmilla gives Zarmilla a confused smile, "Right...?"

((Sure elimination match sounds cool))
PlanetboxPerson was signed in when posted
12:36 AM ET (US)
“I suppose that’s fair,” Zarmilla said, nodding to herself. “I didn’t care much for you before we met up here either. But I’ll admit, you’re starting to grow on me a little. I’m glad we got to have this talk.”

“That don’t mean I’m planning on going back to prison though. Sorry!” she added, smiling broadly.

((Also if you’re interested in skipping to the elimination match or something we can do that.))
AkkordianPerson was signed in when posted
03:58 PM ET (US)
Carmilla hums thoughtfully. "My apologies for misjudging you, then. It's just, seeing that you...er, stole my identity... didn't leave the greatest first impression."
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08:32 PM ET (US)
"What? You think identity thiefs don't read?" Zarmilla replied, looking mildly offended. "It actually involves a good deal of it! You gotta pore over newspapers and the like to get as much info as you can. It's a lot harder than it looks!"

"I actually did a lot of that in my library before the whole prison thing...Ain't it a little funny how that worked out?"
AkkordianPerson was signed in when posted
04:53 PM ET (US)
"...I was more referring to the identity theft thing..."
PlanetboxPerson was signed in when posted
09:52 AM ET (US)
“Well, I’ll admit I sorta went off it after I was eight or so, but it’s amazing how much more free time you have in the slammer,” Zarmilla said, “The prison library had awful selection though, so they were kind of a rare commodity. Once had to beat the tar out of a skinhead for their copy of To Kill a Mockingbird! But yeah, you get the idea.”

“And just cause I’m a convict of questionably mental stability don’t mean I can’t have interests. We’re all still normal folks, just maybe made a few bad choices. I’m sure we have plenty in common—well, aside from the obvious.”
AkkordianPerson was signed in when posted
04:06 PM ET (US)
"I..." Carmilla faintly smiles, for once, cheeks flushing at the slightest hint of praise. "I suppose it is. I didn't assume that you were also fond of reading because of..."

She trails off and vaguely gestures in Zarmilla's direction with her hands.
PlanetboxPerson was signed in when posted
08:33 AM ET (US)
“That’s!! That’s, uhh...That’s actually really sweet, I can’t fault you for that.”

“I remember I used to spend a like in our little library, reading and browsing the Internet,” Zarmilla said, smiling fondly. “I heard it got shut down while I was in prison though. Mostly cause some drunk dude drove a flatbed through the front window, but it was on the way out anyway. It’s good people like you are looking after them.”

“See, we’ve got something in common, Carmilla? Ain’t that great?”
AkkordianPerson was signed in when posted
04:27 PM ET (US)
"I... gave up my father's firm because I knew I was incapable of being the responsible leader it deserved." Carmilla spits out, with all the bite of an agitated puppy. "So I left the company in capable hands while I finished my education."

"...And while yes, I do live off of the money entrusted to me, I followed my heart in choosing my career. Public libraries are on the verge of death, and I would do anything I can to support the one I have been a patron of ever since I was a child."
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11:13 AM ET (US)
"Well, gosh, there's no need for the animosity," Zarmilla replied, crossing her arms indignantly. "I'm just trying to be neighborly! All that impersonation business is just a little bonus!"

"Besides, I only wanted to know cause it seems like you barely did much of anything. Like you got this big company, let it gather dust, and then gave it up. And far as I could tell most of your free time was spent sitting around. So if you ain't gonna correct me, I'll assume you were just some layabout on a got-dang trust fund."

She put on the same angry pout and glared back at Carmilla, and lightning probably shot between their eyes like in all those cartoons.
AkkordianPerson was signed in when posted
02:28 AM ET (US)
"I'm uncomfortable telling you about myself when you're trying to impersonate me!" Carmilla huffs out, her voice actually somewhat raised for once as she tightens her fists beneath her overlarge sweater sleeves.

"M-my daily life is none of your concern... what you could find about my old life is all you'll have to go on, I'm afraid." She angrily pouts as she finishes, as opposed to the usual anxious, kinda sad pout she usually has going on.
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PlanetboxPerson was signed in when posted
11:56 PM ET (US)
"I don't think you get it, Carmilla," the imposter said, smiling evilly. "You don't actually have a choice!"

"Well, I guess you do, but then things would get awkward, you know?" she added, her face falling. "Since I just wanted to chew the fat and get to know you better, and it'd be real uncomfortable if you just completely ignored me."

"So for starters, what's your day look like? You got a job? Any hobbies? I already know some of the answers from looking you up online, but I want to hear it straight from you!"
AkkordianPerson was signed in when posted
04:44 PM ET (US)
"I- huh?" Carmilla slumps to the floor, still anxious since she, you know, assumed she was about to be stabbed to death. After a moment, her look of confusion gives way to her staring up indignantly at Zarmilla.

"Why... why would I help you steal my identity?"
PlanetboxPerson was signed in when posted
04:09 PM ET (US)
Carnilla’s questionable survival skills aside, it seemed she would not die this day. The sharp touch of the blade never came, being replaced only with the think of Zarmilla chucking her knife on the ground.

“Nah, I’m just kidding,” she said, chucking delightedly. “Dante saw me come in here anyway, so not the best time to commit murder.”

“Anyway, don’t worry your pretty little head, Carmilla. You’re worth more to me alive than dead right now. See, the more I learn about you, the easier it’ll be to impersonate you! So why don’t we just have a little chat?”
AkkordianPerson was signed in when posted
12:56 AM ET (US)
Carmilla, with her impeccable survival skills and calm nature under pressure, shrieks and crouches down into the fetal position while covering her head with her arms.

That'll save her, right?
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