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[F8] Preston and Dante

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02:10 PM ET (US)
Preston couldn’t believe the words coming out of Dante’s mouth. Was this the same weirdo who’d given him that awful haircut all those years ago...? His mind was screaming yes, but his heart was pounding in his ears too loudly for him to hear.

“What...” he muttered, almost a whisper against Dante’s tantalizing close lips. He gazed into the hair stylist’s beautiful green eyes, reflecting his face like glassy pools of jade. They reminded him of the moment he looked into the mirror after his shitty haircut, a moment he knew now would change his life forever.

He brings a hand to Dante’s cheek, his skin almost as soft as his constantly well-groomed hair. Preston wondered if the avocado-yogurt concoction doubled as a skin moisturizer.

“Just shut up,” he says, and before Dante could object, Preston kissed him, gently pressing their lips together. Now, in the middle of the mini golf course and (allegedly) trapped within a boat, Preston knew he would get a million weird and shitty haircuts if it meant reaching this moment and locking it into eternity.
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02:11 AM ET (US)
"...Oh." Dante blinked as he realised what he had DONE. His brain nearly short-circuited. Actually, no, it did.

"...This isn't fair. I was supposed to hate you, but why are you so... cute...?" He turned Preston's head to face him again, and stared into the fashion designer's soul blue eyes, his cheeks now slightly flushed as well.

Um okay I guess. Will they go back to playing golf or...?
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02:30 AM ET (US)
“Wh...huh?!” The fashion designer’s eyes widen as Dante doesn’t let up, keeping his hands pressed into Preston’s skin, now on his forehead. Red? Ridiculous...he wasn’t red...unless...

Tentatively he feels his own cheeks, almost recoiling in shock from how warm they were. Did this mean...?

“Uh...no, I’m fine...idiot...” He sputters, turning his head away from Dante’s and letting out an awkward cough. He wonders how he could have possibly gotten into this mess when all he wanted to do was golf.
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02:08 AM ET (US)
Dante didn't really acknowledge Preston's behaviour (or his own for that matter) "I'm just making sure you're OKAY, idiot... Sorry about that... Does your nose hurt? Huh, you're a little red... did you catch a cold or something?"

He proceeded to now press the back of his hands against Preston's cheeks and forehead, then comparing with his own temperature. He still doesn't recognise this as odd behaviour.
04:58 PM ET (US)
Before he could react at all, Preston was forcefully hit in the nose by something small and white, making him stumble backwards in surprise. He grabs his nose, scrunching his eyes shut as tears threatened to spill onto his cheeks. Ow. That hurt.

When he opens his eyes, he’s greeted by an even bigger surprise: Dante, his big man hands cupping Preston’s cheeks gently, his face a mixture of concern and big, beautiful eyes that Preston couldn’t help staring into.

The injury was forgotten and the fashion designer stared, lowering his own hands from his face to his sides. He could practically feel air turning pink and rose-colored as he felt his cheeks involuntarily flush.

But then something clicked in his head and he was snapped back to reality. His expression of awe twisted into the more appropriate reaction of confusion.

“What are you DOING?” He says, his voice deciding now was the best time to crack. He looked confused, bewildered, disgusted, even...but yet, he didn’t move away.
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03:10 AM ET (US)
Dante stopped swinging the club around and nodded along to the explanation, listening intently and copying Preston's stance. "Ohhhh so it's like that, huh? I completely understand now." He didn't understand at all.

"Alright, let me try it now." After placing the little ball on the """tee""" (apparently that's what the thing where you place the golf ball is called), he hit it extremely hard, it bounced off a wall and, somehow, hit Preston right on the nose. But his stance was perfect!

Dante stared wide-eyed at Preston for a couple seconds before dropping the club and approaching him. "Are you, uh... ok? How the fuck did that even happen..." He then... grabbed the fashion designer's face gently to inspect it closer for some reason. Maybe all the kart crashes finally killed off his last brain cell.
12:46 AM ET (US)
“Uh...” Preston blinked. Dante must’ve been karting when he failed so horribly at golf...ah, well, a fresh start. The fashion designer smiles as he lowers his own club and slides slightly closer to Dante.

“...Um, of COURSE I’m good at golf!” Planting the top of the club onto the ground, he casually leans onto the blunt end. “I might be able to teach you, but first, stop swinging that thing around.”

Preston proceeded to give a detailed explanation of the rules of the game, all the while demonstrating "proper" positioning and stance. He actually manages to hit the ball not completely off course during one of his demonstrations, which was impressive...to only the most novice of players.

“...Okay, any questions? You ready to play?” Finally finished with his spiel, Preston stands up with his club in hand, eyeing Dante.
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05:38 AM ET (US)
"Golf, huh? I can't say I'm surprised." Dante said as he had suddenly materialised in the room. He didn't see Preston utterly fail at golf before.

"...Are you good at it?? I've literally never played golf in my life, since it seemed boring as HELL (though I've heard mini-golf is actually fun or something). How do you play?????" He approached the fashion designer and began to (non-violently!)swing a club around aimlessly.
03:48 PM ET (US)
Preston laughed as Dante “brutally” assaulted him with the pillow. After almost rolling off the bed, he decides he’d filled his bastard quota for today. Sitting up, he scoops three pillows from the bed and hops onto the ground.

“These will do. I’ll be taking my leave now.” He’s almost out the door, but hesitates. “...Thank you. It’s only what I deserve, anyway.” He adds the last part quickly before rushing out to go do whatever Preston things he needed to do.


It was a while after the Elimination Match when Preston was found in the golf room, once again trying his hand at the sport. He seemed to be having slightly better luck this time, having actually made contact with the ball.
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03:01 PM ET (US)
"You.... JUST TAKE THEM, ASSHAT." Without really thinking, Dante also got on the bed, forcefully took the pillow Preston was hugging and started "violently" hitting him with it.
01:40 PM ET (US)
“Hmmm...” Preston taps his chin, surveying the very comfortable-looking bed. He plucks a small pillow and turns it over in his hands, seemingly deep in thought. “Hmm hmm hmm...”

And then, out of nowhere, he dives straight into the bed, landing sprawled out among the various cushions.

“I think I’d better...EXPERIENCE each pillow before choosing.” Smirking, he grabs the nearest pillow and squeezes it to his chest.
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04:00 PM ET (US)
[This FTE is now permanent! Cool!]
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02:58 AM ET (US)
"Do you even know where my room is, idiot? Unfortunately, I did not think about putting bricks in them, no..." Sigh. He sounded genuinely disappointed, b-but he wasn't actually serious. Dante went ahead and got into his room.

Upon arrival, you could confirm that the bed was indeed a huge superking-size bed with a mountain of fluffy pillows. You must feel sooo jealous right now, lol.
"I only really want three, so I guess... feel free to take the rest?" How kind, thoughtful and generous.
02:02 AM ET (US)
Preston looked horrified at the mention of cockroaches, his mouth agape slightly. But Dante’s offer snapped him from his expression of terror.

“Really?” He narrows his eyes. “There’s not a brick inside one or something, right?” He edges around Dante to the room, keeping his suspicious gaze on the hair stylist.
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03:26 AM ET (US)
"I honestly don't think the rooms we had previously were that bad. It's fun to look at the cockroaches on occasion, you know? And our team rightfully won the game, so it IS fair." Dante smirked mockingly.

...But despite Preston saying he was over it, he still felt bad about the beans. "Honestly, I don't think there's much I can do about that anyway. Uh, maybe you can take some pillows since there's so many on the bed..."
02:20 AM ET (US)
“Hmph.” Preston tosses his head at the mention of the bean situation. “Whatever. I don’t care.”

The truth was, he did care. A lot. Maybe too much. He may have almost sorta shed some tears over his previously spotless shirt. “Brown polka dots are so not in,” he’d sobbed, cradling the stained shirt like it was a baby.

But whatever. He was over it now.
“CLEARLY I am protesting the very UNFAIR room arrangements,” he says, giving a very hearty sigh. “I mean, this is just ridiculous. I can’t be expected to sleep in that PIGSTY.”
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