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[F8] Myles and Lilith

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02:57 PM ET (US)
"Huh? Oh, um, yes. She tutored me once... and that's it, really. I would have never passed that class without her help, though. She's also the first person in my entire life who actually, uh, well, went out of their way to want to talk to me... and she didn't call me weird, either."
02:54 PM ET (US)
“That long, huh...? Sorry to hear that, especially since you went there at such a young age,” Myles replied, pursing his lips in thought.

“Well... alright. Judging by your tone, it’s a very haunting memory, so... I won’t pry. I know better. Let’s just hope they catch the person who actually committed the crime if it truly wasn’t you.”

He scratched his cheek, awkwardly looking around the room.

“So, uh... let’s change the uncomfortable subject. Uh... you and Carmilla know each other, huh? You and the real Carmilla, I mean.”
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11:31 AM ET (US)
“Oh, um, I’ve been in prison since... since I was eighteen, so, about four years, now.”

She rubbed the back of her head. “I... don’t really have any ideas on who it could’ve been... I really don’t know what happened that... that awful night...”
06:33 AM ET (US)
"Well, uh, neither did I, but... here we are."

Myles paused for a moment. Then he cleared his throat. Awkward.

"... So. Uh... if you don't mind my asking, how long have you been in prison for? I've been in for... about six months now, I think. ... And since we're alone, I may as well ask... if you didn't kill those two, do you have any idea who did? Honestly, it sounds like something I'd want to look into if I weren't behind bars... People being falsely accused of crimes and being sent to prison for it is the worst."
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10:45 AM ET (US)
Lilith nodded. “I’d... I’d like that. We can be friends, for sure. I never thought that... I would be making friends here, but, um, I’m glad.”
05:56 AM ET (US)
“Wh— Oh shit, no, sorry,” Myles quickly backpedaled, waving his hands about. “I’m not looking for a relationship with anyone, trust me. No offense. But, uh... yes. Seeing as we have that much in common, we can be friends... or, ah, acquaintances if that’s what you’d prefer. Just... someone to trust, I suppose.”
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06:48 PM ET (US)
"R-relationship? B-but we don't even know, um, each other well, and... I-I've never been in one -- oh, wait, did you, um, mean friendship?"
06:21 AM ET (US)
“... Huh. That’s stupid. What they did, I mean, not you,” Myles quickly reassured. “But, uh... I can understand that. I was... always a weird kid growing up. Had a lot of trouble understanding a lot of basic social etiquette, was far too blunt in my words and bookish... that sort of stuff. I never really made my first friend until high school... but, well, that’s gone now,” he remarked, shaking his head.

“In any case, it seems like we have that in common, at least. So... there’s something to build a possible relationship of trust off of.”

What he meant to say was friendship, but he’s stupid, so bear with him.
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07:32 AM ET (US)
“Well, in school, people always thought I was weird because of how I... how I dressed. I wore a lot of, well, dark clothing, and I’m also super into occult... stuff. They thought I was a Satanist, or something... some even thought I was a child from Hell.”

She sighed longingly. “I even tried my best to, um, to make friends, but.... yeah. I’m not good at it...”
07:25 PM ET (US)
Myles gave her a deadpan, annoyed glare, crossing his arms.


His expression softened a bit as she spoke some more, though, and he raised a brow.

"Well, hey, the people that judged me are probably correct to do so. ... How come people... judged you though, if you don't mind my asking? Trust me, even before I was jailed, people did that to me all the time, so... I understand what it's like."
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07:47 AM ET (US)
“Welcome back to another episode of Lilith’s Believe It — Or Don’t! This time we’re joined by Myles the Homicidal Maniac!”

She laughed to herself for a bit before getting serious again.

“I’m just kidding. I know you’re not gonna do.... you’re not gonna do anything. I know how troublesome it is to be judged like that...”
06:03 AM ET (US)
“Pretty sure, yeah. If I had wanted to hurt anyone, trust me, I would’ve made it obvious by now,” Myles simply answered. “Believe me or not, but I am telling the truth.”
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03:33 PM ET (US)
“Are you sure?”
07:59 PM ET (US)
“... Oh. Well, considering it’s spelled with a Y instead of an I...”

Myles seemed to genuinely think about this for a few moments as his voice trailed off. Eventually, though, he simply shook his head and huffed.

“Alright, let’s change the awkward subject. ... Sorry if I scared you, by the way, judging by the fact you were worried I would hurt you for, well, bumping into me. I’m not that insane.”

Changing the awkward subject to another awkward subject. Great going, Myles.
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08:13 AM ET (US)
"Well, your name is Myles, so I figured you might be a good runner. Maybe... maybe your name means that you could've been an Olympic sprinter, or something," she said. "But, no. Instead, here you are..."
04:22 AM ET (US)
“... Uh...”

Myles scratched behind his head, looking at Lilith as if she were an addled crackhead.

“Can’t... say I’ve tested that theory. ... What makes you ask?”

He wasn’t good at this.
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