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[F8] Zarmilla and Vera

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12:14 PM ET (US)
"Maybe not popular with the people down below, but a lot of people high up want some sick entertainment, you know," Vera adds, raising a finger. "The kind of people that'd watch exactly this. Maybe there's some sort of finale or something, but I really don't want to think about that."

She sighs in disappointment. "I did say it sounded like a conspiracy theory... honestly, at this point, I just want out."
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12:09 AM ET (US)
“If this is just some creepy TV show, I doubt it would be too popular,” Zarmilla replied, “We aren’t really that interesting. Seems like we’ve spent most of our time here freaking out and arguing.”

“And yeah, not sure they’d want to risk hanging out in such a chaotic situation as this. They strike me as more of the callous observer type.”

As Vera revealed her second theory, Zarmilla stood with her hands on her hips and tapped her foot thoughtfully.

“You mean the real Zayne?” she asked, “Honestly I could see it. He was being investigated for performing human experiments right? And he’d know Val well enough to get close...It’s a bit silly though, yeah. And not sure it’s really up the whole pharmaceutical alley.”
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04:57 PM ET (US)
"I understand," Vera adds, digging around for another snack. "No prejudice. Some of us are pretty weird. Like the people who make reality TV shows. Speaking of!"

She finds nothing. Disappointedly, she turns around and folds her arms. "I wonder if this is just a show for sick people. But if it is, then the actual person behind it all wouldn't risk being killed like Kent or any of the obvious culprits would, right?"

She puts a hand to her chin. "You know, this sounds almost like a conspiracy theory, but what if it was Alfred's brother?"
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12:49 AM ET (US)
Zarmilla, about to crack a chair against the wall, paused at Vera’s question and put it back down.

“Hmmm...honestly I’m not sure,” she replied, “This whole game seems so pointless, it’s hard to wrap my head around why it’d be worth all the trouble.”

“I think it has to be one of the rich folk, honestly. No offense, but who else would have money and the general disdain to set this all up? In which case I guess Kent’s the obvious choice, but it feels too obvious, right? I’m just saying Hubert still gives me some weird vibes...”
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04:44 PM ET (US)
Vera looks at her make a mess of the table. Though she winces, she's also smiling. She pumps her fist for effect, though she doesn't seem to join in. She lets out a little cheer, though.

"Hopefully that didn't wake anyone up. Speaking of, before we destroy more things in the name of discovery --"

She raises a finger with dramatic pause,

"Who do you think is behind all of this?"
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02:26 PM ET (US)
"You know, ya might have a point there," Zarmilla said, rubbing her chin thoughtfully. "And then we don't have to figure out who they are first! Let's give that a try!"

She grabbed a nearby table and flipped it over, dumping all of its contents on the floor and making a huge mess.

"Yeah, that'll show 'em!"
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10:35 AM ET (US)
Vera starts thinking. Hard. If it were an animated cutscene, she'd probably have steam running out of her ears. And then Zarmilla shouts, so she gets snapped out of her 99% progress thinking, winces and looks up. "Wait, but, wouldn't he get more mad if we left trash around like that?"
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12:23 AM ET (US)
“Against the nutjob running this game, of course,” Zarmilla replied, “They just want us to be all depressed and scared, so the way I see it there ain’t no solution but to try hard as we can to fight against that!”

“See, like what you just did there!” She shouted, pointing at the trash can. “Don’t get upset and leave that thing on the floor. Get mad! Throw it straight through the mastermind’s ugly mug!”
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05:14 PM ET (US)
Vera grimaces at the word 'spices', for likely obvious reasons. "I'm not at the point of feeling good yet. Just... you know. I guess this is what I have to do now."

She balls up whatever snack plastic was in her hand lazily throws it at a trash bin across the room. It doesn't land, but she cares little. "Spite? Against who?"
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11:02 AM ET (US)
“Oh, I’ve certainly had worse, and not just in prison,” Zarmilla said, heading over to Vera. “That’s why I brought some of those spices, though I doubt they’d make a huge difference.”

“And yeah, I’m more or less just resigned at this point. But I feel strangely good too. Like I ain’t gonna let anything bring down my mood, even if it’s mostly out of spite at this point.”
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04:32 PM ET (US)
Vera turns around suddenly, secretly munching on some nondescript garbage food. Probably a tube of bread or some other vile obscenity. She gulps it down and gives a short, unenthused wave.

"It's bad, honestly. I'm not used to food this bad. Neither am I used to seeing my housemaids cook with the things we have." She stands up, taking a look at the fridge, then back to Zarmilla. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm kind of sort of getting used to it. Crazy. How are you holding up?"
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12:25 AM ET (US)
As the submarine drifts haphazardly in the ocean, Zarmilla discovers Vera in the dining hall because that’s the only actual room in this doomed tin can.

“Why, hello there, Vera!” she said, “Have you peeled at our food options yet? I’m guessing there even more dire than they were before we left!”