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[F8] Griffin Fox

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01:18 AM ET (US)
Chapter 3 - Griffin – During the night between day 1 and 2, you see Zakuro leave her room for some reason during the night. Near the end of the night, Zakuro returns. You have a camera up the whole time though to capture suspicious behavior and document the whole thing.

On Day 2, you ask Zakuro some questions but she dodges them. You get the feeling that she is not interested in talking about what she did.

The next night, Zakuro gets up again but this time you follow her. You notice her go up to the deck. You go up and you see her hacking into the black box. You decide that it would be valuable to learn what she was hacking, and you try to think of some way to get rid of her.

You go into the helm and turn the ship on. You then drive it as fast as possible downwards, meaning that she, on the deck of the ship, will end up adrift at sea and probably die. You know that she is hiding what she is learning though, and it could be super valuable to learn what is going on.

You drive the sub away and then go up to the deck and look at what is going on on the black box that Zakuro hacked into.

You see some files. They have each of the player’s names and it says “predicted behaviors.” Each one of those files is encrypted though. You see that there is a process called “behavior extrapolation”. In the end, since you can’t get any of the info in these, you look at a file called, “third elimination match”.

You learn all the rules of the third elimination match. You learn that you, Teddy, and Vera will be the werewolves. You learn that only two of the three werewolves will be executed at the end, and that one of them can be saved. You learn that there is a tunnel from the bathroom in the back of the ship to the helm in the front of the ship and that it can be unlocked with the code 35620.

You look around for additional resources, and you find two. One is a stat sheet for the other players. You learn that Domanic has a bullet lodged in his torso that has given him immense health complications. You think about encouraging Domanic to be the group’s hero for part 3.

The final thing you learn is that there is an emergency escape point from the game, which exists as a fail-safe for the game creators. It’s near the coordinates for Garden island.

After learning so much, you close the computer, and decide to wake up Teddy and Vera so you can start working on winning the elimination match.

You, Teddy and Vera discuss your plan. You don’t let them know everything, but you get their trust and they believe that you really know what the elimination match will be. You want to win the rounds in the following way:

Vera will sabotage the first round by hiding out in the grate and coming up to do some wrong numbers.

Teddy will use his sword to make it look like the pipes rupture on the second task.

You will encourage Domanic to be in the third round. Then, in the first or second round, you will turn on the powerful electromagnet at the front of the ship, to tear out Domanic’s knee when he enters. You’re pretty sure it acts on a timer.

The three of you agree to the plan. The first thing goes wrong when Vera doesn’t hide in the helm like you asked her to, and instead she is there in the dining room when the rules are explained. You realize you can’t rely on her to sabotage the first round, so you send Teddy in instead and he sabotages.

Teddy then has to enter the helm from the back of the ship for the second round. He uses the excuse that he is looking for Zarmilla and Zakuro.

Finally, when you enter the helm, you preset the electromagnet to go off when Domanic will be in the helm. This should stop him from acting during his time.

You follow after Lilith when she has her episode, but Carmilla closes the door on you and Rover. It seems that they want privacy.

When you find out that Domanic died, you are surprised, but you weren’t exactly careful with his life. With this, you enter the werewolf round, confident you can win. You didn’t tell the others that only one of them will be able to survive if you’re caught. You hope to use your knowledge of the secret escape to your advantage!
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03:39 PM ET (US)
Team 2
House = 1
Fall = 2
Lizard = 3
Dry = 4
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12:16 AM ET (US)
Griffin - You feel like you’ve been drunk the past few days, hanging with Cake and taking baths with her. You told her a lot of cool stories about your cool investigative journalism. Including a time where you may have traded some sexual favors for the inside scoop from a politician. It was during a high-profile lawsuit where politicians were being sued for their involvement in money laundering schemes. You remember the suit ended in failure though and was thrown out when the prosecutor was exposed as using forged evidence. The detective on the case took the fall. You’re surprised you blabbed so much to her, after all, the prostitution thing could get you in trouble.
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06:00 PM ET (US)
Round 3: Amusement Park
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02:06 PM ET (US)
Round 2: Restaurant
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07:45 PM ET (US)
World War II Squad
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12:10 AM ET (US)
Yeah I can't find one in your survey. sounds cool!
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09:11 PM ET (US)
hey did I put any reason as to why griffin was so obsessed with the truth

i don't think i did and was thinking of adding something so i could play it up a bit more
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02:03 AM ET (US)
hello pancakes how are you? Glad you were able to enjoy the first case. Hoping for more thrills to come. And yeah feel free to do rankings but they do take work!
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01:04 AM ET (US)
should I do chapter by chapter character rankings

i miss when people did those

hi SC :wave:
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12:52 AM ET (US)
gg F8-1 was pretty lit

digging the YTTD trial style, a lot of weird complaining imo
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11:09 PM ET (US)
Griffin - You spent a lot of time tailing Rover, trying to find a hint about his identity. One night, you see him leaving his room and decide to follow after him. You saw him sneak to the locked door and then go back to his room.
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06:15 PM ET (US)
Hello this is your personal quicktopic where we will post FTEs and any information, similar to alibis in previous games, that only your character would know.

Request an FTE each chapter!