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[F8] Lou and Myles

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04:16 PM ET (US)
"Oh I'm sure they'll keep to themselves and away from us eventually. They'll find they live longer that way." Lou watches as the cockroach car drives by.

"They do that to ya regularly or they just annoying and creepy as hell?"
06:38 AM ET (US)
"Hmm. Maybe. Hopefully that's the case..."

Myles took another bite of his sandwich which I just remembered he had in his lap, and nodded in agreement.

"Me too. Sure, prison isn't much better, especially since approximately ninety percent of the inmates are out for my blood, but... well, it beats this. Plus the fact it's actually clean and not... infested with cockroaches and spiders and whatnot. Hate bugs with a passion..."

A cockroach driving a tiny car on the floor stopped, stuck a bristled leg out the window to flip Myles off with, and sped away before he met a grisly fate like his other roach friends.
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02:20 AM ET (US)
"Oh it's not too bad... No it is, but it's only been a few months, so I dunno. Maybe the needed a break or something." Lou gazes up towards the ceiling.

"Yeah, hope we make it out of this..."
06:13 AM ET (US)
“True. What few friends I did make scarcely visit me, if at all,” Myles replied, nodding in understanding. A small frown came onto his face as Lou mentioned his family, a rare look of sorrow in Myles’s usual cold blue eyes.

“I’m sorry. Family not visiting is... definitely tough. I get why mine won’t visit me, but I’m sorry that’s happened to you, too.”

He let out a heavy sigh.

“I just hope that we’re somehow able to see them again if this elimination game business really is true.”

Little did he know at the moment, it was!
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02:16 AM ET (US)
"Eh. Friendships not really. Hard to keep up with each other when one's in prison." Lou stretches back for a brief moment.

"Can't say my family visits much anymore. Used to be pretty often, but they haven't visited in a while and certainly can't now. Guess they were waiting for my birthday or something..." Lou flips his chair back and leans back in it. "That's probably it..."
06:29 AM ET (US)
“Nothing to apologize for. It’s just... ironic that the man who inspired me to get into investigating in the first place was the one who caught me... but that’s all in the past.”

Myles leaned back in his chair a bit and shrugged.

“I did tell him my reasoning behind my actions, but he still couldn’t bring himself to forgive me. Again, I... can’t say I blame him.”

He fell silent for a few moments, a solemn, contemplative expression gracing his face.

“... My mother visits me regularly, at least. Says that she’s sad I went down that path but that I’m still her son, that sort of stuff. But other than her... yeah. No one.”

He shrugged and leaned back forward a bit.

“Sorry about the whole sob story. Not trying to garner pity or anything like that. ... How about you, if I might ask? Do you have any... lasting friendships or relationships from outside of prison?”
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01:54 AM ET (US)
"Christ... That's uh. Sorry about your dad man. Know it's a bit late but..." Lou sighs.

"God damn that's shit... Ya think he at least got why you did. All of it?"
12:18 AM ET (US)
"I think you keep drawing until you meet me, beat me, or go above 21 since you're the dealer... don't quote me on that, though. Been a while since I played blackjack."

Myles nodded in response, resting his arm on the table and his chin in his hand. At the question, he sighed before letting out a small, mirthless chuckle.

"I was caught after having killed my sixteenth and final victim. A man who was abusing his wife and two daughters in... plenty of unsavory ways. Thing is, we had fought and made a lot of noise, so someone called the police to report it. I didn't leave in time, and, well... they showed up and cuffed me. I wasn't about to kill them, and even then, I doubt I could've fought them off anyway, seeing as to how I was already banged up. ... That, and one of the officers was... believe it or not, my father. ... He disowned me not too long after apprehending me. Can't quite say I blame him, though."
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07:48 PM ET (US)
Lou flips the face down card over which is revealed to be the 10 of spades. He draws the 3 of spades from the top of the deck and places it on the table. "If I'm remembering how to play right then you win this round." Lou gathers the cards together and leaves them in a pile on the table.

"... Don't worry about it" Lou turns his chair to the side and leans against the back of it. "Half of us got locked up at least once. As for myself it's been.. A little over a year I'm pretty sure."

Lou pauses and clicks his tongue a few times before speaking again. "If ya don't mind me askin uh. How'd ya get caught?" Trying to avoid eye contact, Lou picks up a card and just stares at it.
06:15 AM ET (US)
“... Right.”

Myles took notice of the unnerved body language Lou had, so he figured it best to drop that subject. So he did. Seeing that Lou dealt him a 6, a small smirk came across his face.

“I’ll stand.”

He continued to gently rap his fingers on the table—probably a habit, if anything.

“... So... if you don’t mind my asking, how long have you been imprisoned for? I’ve been in for about six months now.”

He paused for a moment, then grimaced.

“Agh, that’s a terrible way to kick off a chat... apologies. Making conversation, coming up with topics and whatnot... it isn’t my strong suit.”
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09:08 PM ET (US)
"Yeah..." Lou hesitates for a moment after that. He's probably a bit unnerved by it, but draws a card and deals it to Myles. It's the 6 of hearts.

"You're not uh... Thanks for the guarantee all things considered I guess."
04:35 AM ET (US)
Myles nodded, scooting his chair over to Lou’s table, plate still in his lap. He didn’t seem to mind the horrid scraping noises it made on the ground as he did this.

“Alright... So, that’s fourteen...”

He examined the cards in front of him for a few moments before making a decision.

“Hit me.”

He idly tapped a finger on the table as he waited to be dealt another card.

“... By the way, uh, I know it’s... sort of hard to believe, especially given what you’ve heard about me, but if you happen to be worried that I’ll snap and hurt you or something, don’t be. I wouldn’t go after anyone as long as they weren’t hurting anyone, and, well, I’m past killing now anyway. Don’t want to do it anymore. Just, uh... wanted to make that clear so the air wasn’t so... awkward, for what it’s worth.”

This statement was followed by an awkward silence on Myles’s end. Good job, Myles.
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02:22 PM ET (US)
"No issue with that." Lou states as he deals the king of hearts and 4 of clubs to Myles. He places one card face down and a 5 of spades face up in front of himself.

(it's fine. I've had work the past few days so i get the feeling.)
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04:54 AM ET (US)
“‘Hmm... we can easily play blackjack,” Myles suggested. “It’s a simple enough game and we can easily do it with two players. Though if you have any other suggestions, I’m all ears.”

(Sorry I’ve been so inactive, life has been a bitch lately and I’ve been busy lol. I should be good from here on though)
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01:23 AM ET (US)
"Suppose we could have a game of something." Lou starts shuffling the deck of cards.

"Any game in mind? If not I'll just start dealing speed if you don't have any ideas."
05:46 AM ET (US)
“True... unless someone decides to go off the deep end or gets desperate, I don’t think we’d have to worry about murders anytime soon. ... At least, I hope.”

Myles nodded in understanding, taking off his glasses and rubbing off some dust on them on his shirt as he did so.

“That’s fair. All anyone can really do in this scenario. Just watch your back, and hope you aren’t unlucky in the elimination matches...”

He sighed and put his glasses back onto his face, pushing them up onto the bridge of his nose.

“Well, enough about that. No point dwelling on it. Let’s change the subject. Since we’re here, uh... You, uh... down for a game of... something?” he questioned, awkwardly falling silent afterwards as he looked toward Lou, waiting for an answer.
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