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[F8] Teddy and Lilith

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11:51 AM ET (US)
Lilith and Teddy said their farewells to the strange bird and began their trek out of the Astral Plane. Teddy awoke, by himself, in his bed on the submarine with the lapel pin in his hand. Lilith and her notebook were nowhere to be seen.


Back in his small home at the base of the tree trunk, the sickly Archie crawled into his cozy bed and blew out his bedside candle for the final time. He shut his eyes and reminisced, recalling his first adventure where he met the doctor and that odd treasure hunter... oh, how the years seemed to fly by since then.

From behind his eyelids, he saw a bright flash of light. When he opened them, he was greeted with the form of the Creator, who had taken a shape comprehendible to The Duke; the form was that of a totally radical dude.

"Duke, buddy," He said. "What's goin' ooooooon?"

"No... it cannot be....!"

"Yeah dude, it's me. The Big G."

"So then my time...?"

"Your time has come, dude. It's time for you to pass on into the next life."

"The next life? Surely you do not mean--"

"Reincarnation, broski. I mean it. You get to pick your form, too. I'm just such a nice dude."

"Am I not meant to journey to Heaven?"

"UH, no. Not yet, bud. You kinda broke a few cosmic rules in your time, so you've gotta pay your dues. But, again, I'll let you choose your form."

"Blimey... well, let me think on it."

"Please don't take too long," the Creator requested. "I've got a game of Texas Hold 'Em with Krishna and some guy named Hugh goin' on right now."

"Right, right... awright! I think I've got it."


"I want to be a hamster. A nice, cute little hamster. Maybe even a class pet, or something!"

"Really? That's it?"

"Yes! It's been my dream for some time now..."

The Creator snapped his fingers. "Done. When you wake, you will be a cute, fluffy hamster in a classroom somewhere... I'm thinking maybe, oh, I don't know... maybe in the early '90s? That sounds rad. You're going to be a guide to a student or two, probably. If you can at least ensure the survival of at least, oh, I don't know... a few of them? I'll let you into Heaven. Deal?"

"Deal!" The Duke exclaimed. "Wait, survi--"

Before The Duke had realized what He meant by that, the big man upstairs was gone, along with the light. The bird was left to drift away into the sea of souls until his new host body was ready to receive him.

The Duke will return in DRF9.

To be continued...
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01:28 PM ET (US)
"Lilith is my friend." Teddy said. "I trust her."

"And perhaps I will." He continued, putting the lapel pin away. "Thank you Archie. And farewell."
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02:41 PM ET (US)
Archie coughed into his handkerchief. "Pish-posh. It is in good hands with you, of that I'm sure. When the two of you depart, I will return to my bed and close my eyes for the final time, if that's alright with you. When you're this close to Death... you learn to accept it -- welcome it -- though, I hope neither of you will be close with Death very soon. You, White Knight, are a good man, it seems. I can tell by looking at you. Now, your friend..." he eyed Lilith. "It would do you good to keep an eye on her. No offense, of course, miss, but you have an aura about you I am not immediately willing to trust, and knowing that you are capable of journeying here willy-nilly concerns me. Still..."

The bird sighed.

"I'm glad that, at the very least, that lapel has a home for now. Perhaps you should give it to your son or daughter, no?" he said to Teddy. "If you ever get that far, of course. In any case, you can just leave whenever you want, if that's all you have to do here."
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02:21 PM ET (US)
"I suppose I'll take it then." Teddy said. "Thank you?"
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02:05 PM ET (US)
“Bruv, I’ve got LICHRALLY nobody to give it to,” Archie explained.
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12:01 PM ET (US)
"M-Me?" A surprised Teddy asked. "Are you sure? Don't you have any other family members who we could pass it on to?"
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08:56 PM ET (US)
Archie took the pin and examined it, not making eye contact with either of them. "No, no. It is only naturally for someone like me, who has been to worlds and times far outside the reaches of people such as yourselves. Well, maybe one of you is capable of such things..." he said, eyeing Lilith.

"Now, I mean no offense by that, just that I've had far too many cosmic travels -- a bit taxing on the mortal coil, they are -- and now I'm paying the price. And now, seeing as how you've delivered to me my family heirloom, I can almost die happy. Almost. See, I've no heir, as it turns out -- never did have time for a wife -- so, once I pass on into the next life, I would like you to keep it, sir White Knight."
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08:17 PM ET (US)
"...I'm sorry to hear that." Teddy said, holding out the lapel pin to Archie.

"Is there anything we can do to help out...?"
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02:49 PM ET (US)
Archie perked up at the sight of the lapel. "My God! You cannot be serious! Have you any idea what that is, hm? Either of you blokes?! That little lapel pin... is a lapel pin!" The bird laughed at his own silliness and then spoke again. "Yes, yes. It's a simple lapel pin, but, it's got meaning to my old man and me. He told me that, when he passed on, that lapel would be mine to give to my own son when the time came. It's an heirloom, y'see? Passed on from generation to generation. What timing this is, too, ha..."

Lilith cleared her throat. "Is something wrong, Archie? I noticed your handkerchief earlier..."

"Yes, yes, everything is quite alright," he insisted. "I'm just dying a slow, painful death, is all."
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12:50 PM ET (US)
"Something about this bird seems familiar..." Teddy said. "But I don't know why."

Teddy then pulled out the lapel pin and held it up. "It's not a card, I'm afraid. It's just this pin. He asked for us to give it to you."
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01:21 PM ET (US)
"...my father? I haven't seen that old fool in ages! Pish-posh!" the voice said dismissively. "Well, fine. These old bones have nothing to lose anyway. I suppose if you're going to kill me, I may as well just accept it."

Lilith looked at Teddy. "Well, hey! You convinced him! I guess sometimes anger responds to anger, huh?"

The little door creaked open, and from it emerged an elderly little pigeon. It was no ordinary pigeon, however, as instead of wings it possessed what appeared to be baby arms. "I used to be quite bulky, back in the day," he explained. "Back when mum -- though, she wasn't really my mum -- used to sent me to all sorts of places. Needed to defend myself!"

Atop his little head was a tiny top hat that looked washed out and abused. Lilith asked him what, exactly, they should refer to him as. He said he used to ask people to address him as The Duke, but that those days were long gone. Instead, he asked to be called Archie, his birth name. "Now," he grumbled. "What's this you've got from my old man? Don't suppose it might be a birthday card he never sent, ha!"

Archie coughed a little bit and wiped his beak with a handkerchief. Small, red specks peppered the cloth.
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10:25 PM ET (US)
"Hey! My friend Lilith is not slutty!" Teddy yelled.

"Your father sent us to deliver something to you, but now I'm not so sure you deserve it!"
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01:06 PM ET (US)
"Go away!" a stuffy British voice shouted. "God damn it, I don't want any visitors! I've seen enough people for a lifetime, damn you!"

The was a brief pause.

"...er, who sent you? Nevermind! Listen buddy, you and your slutty lady friend can take a hike, awright?!"
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10:56 PM ET (US)
"I'll try it then." Teddy nodded. He then crouched down, and continued speaking.

"Er... Hello? Is anyone in there? We have a delivery for you!"
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08:52 PM ET (US)
“I tried, but... maybe he’ll listen to you?” she guessed. “I’m not good at... people stuff...”
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06:47 PM ET (US)
"Have you tried telling him we have a delivery for him?" Teddy asked. "If not, I think we should start there."
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