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[F8] Florsythia Willow

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07:57 AM ET (US)
And that's it, good job Nanjo. I really don't have any issues with how this game was run, and the concept was pretty cool too.
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06:16 PM ET (US)
Chapter 4 – Florsy

Gilbert asks you to sleep in the bathroom. You don’t like the arrangement, but he insists it’s the only room that he can clean with bleach if he has to.

Ultimately you and Toadette sleep peacefully without any disturbance. Seems like nobody used the bathroom for anything.
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02:27 PM ET (US)
Zarmilla: https://www.quicktopic.com/53/H/4yC5yV5Uzvnsd
LonePerson was signed in when posted
08:29 AM ET (US)
Request to FTE Zarmilla.

I just gave her a death sentence.
LonePerson was signed in when posted
06:27 PM ET (US)
Noted. Won't be much of an issue, I really don't want to use the Discord server if it can be helped. Gonna mute everything but general once the game's over. People can be a bit abrasive when it comes to trials and differing theories (even correct ones), so next trial will be all I have to deal with.

I'll stay active, the thing keeping me going is my mad respect for you, lol.
Doctor NanjoPerson was signed in when posted
04:35 PM ET (US)
I appreciate the thoughts from you. Maybe I will respond when I get the chance.

Jsyk, though, complaining about the cast disheartens people when they do try to play, so I would just ask that you don't mention character quality in the discord, at least until the game is over. It's fair to think characters are bad but my number one priority is getting them to post at all which is hampered when you give people anxieties about their characters.

I hadn't thought about it sooner, but I think it's a good idea to put into practice. It's better to respond positively when the group does something cool than respond negatively when they don't, etc.

I hope this doesn't come across as blaming you for activity issues! I'm glad you're playing and appreciate the contributions.
LonePerson was signed in when posted
07:35 AM ET (US)
I don't have any thoughts on the trial itself. Honestly, 90% if my issues are with the players and characters at this point. You're doing good Nanjo, it's a tough card you were dealt this game, but I think you're doing the best you can do with it.

Character thoughts:

Lilith- actually clicked with me, at last. She finally had occasional weird and even goth moments, and it clicked like "oh, she's meant to be a goth girl". I think the character type is an interesting one to use... but she's just very sloppily executed. The aforementioned "WCisms" or shitposts really clash with her tbh. Like if Ivan still had the "Pancakesisms" of Nicos or Koichi. And all the pre-connections don't add anything, so feel more like white noise.

Vera- eh, I kinda get what Matt was going for. But she wound up mostly just being a snobby rich person, which there were enough of for this game. The fact that she doesn't show any nuance or regret until the very end just makes her feel like a worse Preston for me. Preston had the nuance, he was willing to be taken down a peg right from early on. And I guess Vera being one of F8's talentless characters further pushed her into the background for me.

Teddy- is finally having a good moment here. I'm glad Joker is taking the opportunity to have Teddy mourn, to have him blame himself. The fact that he doesn't need to, but does anyway really sells it for me. Especially with how skewed the F8 cast is to dickish characters, I'm really grateful for Teddy.

Griffin- he's... alright. Interesting enough talent and... yeah, that's about it really. No strong feelings.

Zarmilla- I'm glad got to live. I'm mostly disappointed in how players didn't really interpret the character prompt in very unique ways, and how the prisoners especially didn't even have very unique or utilizable convictions (3 murderers and 2 thieves after all). Zarmilla was like, the only character besides Florsy to have a conviction that could actually be used for a mystery, and I'm glad she was. Really don't have any issues with Zarmilla.

Domanic and Dante- were both one of the more interesting characters, with actual talents too. But their deaths were a bit underwhelming, and I guess it can't really be helped for Dante considering Preston's inactivity. Still, his backstory thing with Preston was really cool.

The reason I find DRF characters to be shallower than canon ones is exactly that. Character moments from canon DR games aim to show how the character uniquely views the world. It's really that simple. Preston fulfills this criteria. His backstory where he frames Dante for a haircut shows just how petty he is, but also his pride as a fashion designer. This paints a clear image of how he views the world, and gives him actual depth. Even Dante, with his mindset being that he wanted to take a risk by giving Preston an artsy hairstyle, gives Dante some depth and also expresses his worldview as an artist. idk why the others can't get this without throwing in weird strawmen about "but also don't make their posts long, else they get skipped". Kudos to you Nanjo for being one of the few people being able to take the point as it is.
Doctor NanjoPerson was signed in when posted
01:20 AM ET (US)
Chapter 3 - Florsy – During the second round, you plant Toadette in the helm. You fuel up the left engine. You hope Toadette will see something suspicious.

When Vera comes out yelling about Toadette, you just smile and let her know that you put in Toadette as a watch.

At the end, after Myles comes out, Toadette comes out as well covered in some fuel. Very interesting indeed.
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03:40 PM ET (US)
Team 1
Egg = 1
Ice = 2
Game = 3
Crush = 4
Doctor NanjoPerson was signed in when posted
09:22 AM ET (US)
Dante: https://www.quicktopic.com/53/H/JLBnJjZLghcV
LonePerson was signed in when posted
01:37 AM ET (US)
Request to FTE Dante.
LonePerson was signed in when posted
01:58 AM ET (US)
Chapter 2 done, so thoughts time.

Oh boy... this cast is definitely my least favorite by far. I'd take the generic nice girls of older games now even.

As for the trial, well I enjoyed RPing the Rover/Clive discovery, and it actually works pretty well for the arc I'm trying to give Florsy. So thank you for that. But the actual story stuff for the trial was really weak, ngl. Kent's motives were very generic corrupt politician. I even forgot why he did all of this, and had to go back to check. Usually when this happens, it's because the thing in question wasn't interesting enough to be remembered. And Axel's thing was so stupid. He doesn't want the public to find out he's gay... so he goes along with a torture plan? Because like, that's not gonna mess with his livelihood, he can still be a soccer captain. Idk if his wife was even his wife, but he wouldn't have loved her anyway so... yeah, what was he afraid of even?

Especially since there are way too many assholes in the cast, Axel seemingly being one of the nice ones was his saving grace. But nope, I guess he isn't. This trial really hurt my opinion of Axel, and since both he and Alfred are off now, the balance to dickish characters is way skewed.

The first half of the trial, where we had to solve things like how the cuffs got cut or what was thrown away in the compactor was actually fun. For a moment, it reminded me of what I play F games for even. But then, none of the theories were true, and the truth just came out of Axel the moment we press him, and it's all stuff we really couldn't have been figured out. I'm sorry, but the key things that make these trials fun is the solving aspect. DRF games really don't have good stories or characters, so without the solving aspect, the trial winds up feeling just very mediocre.

Reward matches, well I just find card games/board games boring, plain and simple, so these aren't my thing. Especially with my time zone, I just wind up waiting them out now.

Specific cast thoughts:

Carmilla: Why does she have to be so boring? With the publishing company thing, she just immediately waves it off as being something she sold off instantly. Why? That could have actually given her some dimension as a character, where she has to run this company in her father's stead. But nope, has to go with the most boring option. And why is she so close to Lilith? They had prior connections... which I forgot about so had to use the search feature. She was Lilith's tutor once in high school? If that's the only reason they're so close, then that's really lame. If they're close because of behind-the-scenes QT things, then that connection doesn't even need to exist. But at least she's not a dick character, which honestly, is the only justification I have for not putting her at last place.

Lilith: My opinion of her went way downhill this trial. She has way too many outright shitposts that don't contribute anything. I recall SC being annoyed at Skylar for the occasional "Skylar slams her head against the podium" style posts that don't contribute anything, and I certainly was when Brandy did that too. But the fact that she was so dickish to Florsy, who was just trying to help an injured dying man really soured if for me. Not even because Florsy is my character, just generally being a dick to people who are trying to help, no matter who, makes me dislike her a lot more. Even Clive's statement of "you may be stupid, but thanks for trying to help" totally works. Criticizes Florsy, but still has the gratitude, the latter part missing for Lilith is what sours it for me. In addition to the aforementioned connection to Lilith being kinda lame, and her conviction remains a very boring and uninspired take on the prompt. A definite last place at the current moment.

Hubert: the fact that he refused to hit Florsy back despite being granted permission to was his first shining moment, however small. It finally establishes some bounds on his dickery, and gives him some dimension as a character. His twisting of things to justify himself is getting old though, and like the asshole characters of prior games, really needs to be offed in the early game to prevent overstaying his welcome.

Preston: is actually really really good. I'm serious, the few times he's posted have been so good, that he's my favorite character in the game despite his inactivity. I love his connection to Dante in that it shows how petty he is, and it's an element to his personality that wouldn't have been expressed in just the trial. The fact that he was willing to admit he framed Dante, and can be convinced and is willing to be taken down a notch despite how over-the-top snobby he is really makes me like him. It's the first time the pre-established connections have actually added to the characters. And like I'd always said, it's because it expresses how both Preston and Dante view the world, giving depth to both characters. Just knowing someone in of itself is just shallow and meaningless, Preston and Dante's actually serves a purpose... pity Preston isn't very active.
Doctor NanjoPerson was signed in when posted
12:15 AM ET (US)
Florsy - For the most part, you did your best to accommodate Preston. He was very tiresome to be around at first, but then it became much easier to talk to him. The two of you relaxed a lot in the cafeteria all week.
Doctor NanjoPerson was signed in when posted
06:00 PM ET (US)
Round 3: Amusement Park
Doctor NanjoPerson was signed in when posted
02:06 PM ET (US)
Round 2: Restaurant
Doctor NanjoPerson was signed in when posted
07:45 PM ET (US)
World War II Squad
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