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World Lit--Global Lit Novel Post 1/25/16

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Tyler Rueter
04:05 PM ET (US)
1, I am reading When I was a soldier by Val'erie Zenatti
2. There are 235 pages and I'm on pg. 40
3. The time is during the 1970 its set in Israel
4. 18 year olds are required two year Israeli army service.
5. Valerie is the main character and she breaks up with her boyfriend, and leaves for service with the Israeli army service.
6. I probably won't be ready to present on Tuesday.
Markinzie Hagen
01:48 PM ET (US)
I am reading A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah
2. There are 218 pages and I'm on 216
3 The time is during the 1980's to 1998 its set in serra leone
4. Ishmaels village is very family oriented and helps one another in tasks that are considered to much for the elders. There is no talking back to the adults and if you do there is punishment.
5. Ishmael is the main character with his brother Junior. There are many other characters in this book who play a major role in the survival of Ishmael.
6. I am going to read my last couple pages and i can start on my presentation.
09:19 AM ET (US)
1. I'm reading A Girl Named Disaster by Nancy Farmer.
2. There's 293 pages in the book and I stopped at page 99.
3. I've not yet figured out the time, but it's modern. It's set in Mozambique and Zambia, in Africa, along the Musengezi Basin.
4. Nhamo's village and culture is very superstitious, believing in witches and the spirits of animals and angry spirits. Wives are sold and paid for and if they don't fetch a good price then they aren't considered good women.
5. Ambuya, Nhamo's grandmother, is pretty old, independent, slightly rebellious and very wise.
Nhamo is the main character, about twelve, and her mother was killed by a leopard, who the villagers believe was sent in revenge by the angry spirit, or ngozi, of the man who was killed by her husband. Nhamo's situation reminds me of Cinderella, for being raised by her Aunt Chipo, she is always being made to do all of the chores, but the "stepsister" Masvita is kind.
6. Maybe be able to do presentations by next Thursday?
Brooke Wolf
01:43 PM ET (US)
1. The name of my book is called Broken Memory By Elisabeth Combres.
2. There is 138 pages in this book and I have finished, and working on my project.
3. My book is set in Africa in Rwanda, talks about the time period of 1996 doesn't say the date now. About a girl Emma who lived in Rwanda but has made her way out into the country with a lady.
4. In the book that I am reading I have noticed so far that Rwanda is a small little village. They work more as a team. They carrie a lot of baskets and other items on their head. They do not drive in cars, they are usually seen driving scooters, or riding bikes, but more often walking.
5. Emma is the main character in Broken Memory, in the beginning of the book she is 5 years of age during the genocide of 1996. When she moves away from Rwanda out in the country she lives with a older woman named Mukecuru who wants to help Emma, Emma is about 16 now and she lives with Mukecuru for a while until she is old enough to carrie her life on her own. In the book Emma meets a boy name Ndoli he is 2 years younger than Emma, at the end of the book Emma is 18 and Ndoli is 16.
Alex Klein
09:30 PM ET (US)
My book is Sunrise Over Fallujah by Walter Dean Myers. This book is 282 pages long and today I read 62 of those pages. It takes place in the Spring of 2003 during Operation Iraqi Freedom. So far in this book they have just left Kuwait and are traveling to different parts of Iraq. One cultural difference it talked about was the amount of "lame people" this is people with either some physical disability or a sickness. Also it says that instead of Iraqi soldiers surrendering, they would just take of their uniforms and blend in with the civilians which is something American soldiers wouldn't do. The main character in this book is Robin Perry who is part of the civilian affairs unit. Perry is about 6' 2" and lived in Harlem. he said that he joined the army after 9/11 because he felt like he had to do something. The other characters are members of Perry's unit, they include Marla, Coles, Jonesy, and Miller and not to much has been told about these characters yet. If we read in class Wednesday and Friday I should be able to be done with my book by next Tuesday.
Jordan Lueth
03:07 PM ET (US)
1) I am currently reading a book called No Ordinary Day by Deborah Ellis.
2) My book is 158 pages and I read 60 pages.
3) My book is set in Jharia in about present day India. It talks about the coal fields that she lived around before she found her way to Kolata to find a new way of life away from the coal mines.
4) I've noticed that Jharia is kind of a town that everyone works for the coal mines and everyone has a certain role in there society that they can't really change. The only way to get out of it is to leave so that's what Villa did. Men are required to work in the mines and pick at coal rocks whereas women are supposed to carry the coal back to a truck and load them up.
5) Villa is the main character in this book and who this whole book is about. She is about 10 years old and doesn't know who her parents are because they gave her away to her neighbors for some money. So she hasn't ever had a real family and isn't related to anyone she grew up with. She is a skinny girl and was raised up in poverty.
6) I should be on pace to be done with my book by Friday and ready for presentations by Tuesday.
Sidney Olson
02:58 PM ET (US)
1. I am reading the book Sold, by Patricia McCormick.
2. My book has a total of 263 pages and I stopped at page 56.
3. My book takes place in a village, made up of mud huts, in a mountain range in Nepal, during the summer time.
4. In the book that I am reading i have observed the festival of lights where they honor dogs, crows and Lakshmi. I also noticed that they make trades, people, objects, anything they can get their hands on.
5. The main character in my book is Lakshmi, she is a thirteen year old girl who is now being sent off to earn money in the city to send back to her family. She was described as not having hips but as being strong enough to walk up the mountain twelve times. Another character is Ama, who appears to be Lakshmi's mother. She was described as a 31 year old woman having crow black hair and cinnamon skin.
Hunter Hanley
02:57 PM ET (US)
1. No Ordinary Day
2.My book is 158 pages and read 70 pages
3.It takes place in Jharia and also Kolata present day India. Valli ran away from jharia due to the fact of family problems and life out her life surviving in Kolata. She steals and beg for money to live and trade.
4. When she lived in Jharia some older woman were not allowed to get an education due to work along with boys in the coal mines. They seemed to live in a totally different social class, their are certain people that you do not look at if anything you treat them horribly by throwing rocks and making fun of them
5.So far their is only one main character, the rest of the other character and been left behind in Jharia. She tries to find a new family but in the end gets kicked out and shunned. Her name is Vallie and is around 9 or 10 years old she doesn't even know her age. She seem pretty knowledgable and is a really fast learner, she is an pretty girl once cleaned from the coal dust and knows how to make little amounts of items efficient.
6. I am 1/2 way through my book I think I will have plenty of time to get done with my book along with getting a good start on my presentation.
Tyler Renken
02:50 PM ET (US)
1. The book I am reading is called When I Was a Soldier.
2. There are 235 pages and I stopped at page 40 today.
3. My book is set in Isreal in approximately early 2000's. More specifically it is set in Beersheva, Isreal, in the desert called Negev.
4. I have learned that every one that turns 18 has to join the military. I also learned that they had a big diversity of people.
5. The main character is Valérie. She is just about 18 almost there but not quite yet. She is slim with long legs everyone is jealous of.
6. I believe I could get done with this book by Friday I don't think any earlier but we will see. Hopefully I will be ready by Tuesday to present.
Lane Weber
02:49 PM ET (US)
1.) I am reading Thunder Over Kandahar by Sharon E. McKay
2.) My book is 259 pages and I stopped at page 42.
3.) I'm assuming that its maybe in the summer and they have just moved to Kandahar, Afghanistan. They just left Herat cause they have gotten some unintentional attention. Yasmine's mother was beaten and they broke hear back and her leg in 2 spots. They left and went to Kandahar for a while. Yasmine has found a friend named Tamanna. Yasmine's father hired Tamanna to be Yasmine's companion until the school was built
4.)Women are not to go outside without a male.
Women can't show any skin.
5.) Yasmine and Tamara have been the main characters so far.
6.) I hope to have this book done by Sunday
Katelynn Groenewold
02:49 PM ET (US)
1. I am reading A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park.
2. The total number of pages my book has is 121 and I am currently on page 91.
3. The setting of this book goes back and fourth between two people one set in 1985 and the other in 2008. They both start of taking place in southern Sudan. One of them having to leave the county because it is war stricken and ends up living in a refugee camp in Ethiopia.
4. While reading my book it has stated that still in 2008 no girls are allowed to go to work outside of their home. They are taught as they are growing up to be the providers of the family. They will never know how to read or write because they are not allowed to go to school only boys are. Another one is that the same for the men, they are to be the protectors and they are only allowed to go to school unlike the girls who stay at home and cook and clean. They also play roles on age the older you are the more responsibility you have working with the cattle and other life stock.
5. the two main characters would consist of May a young girl who lives in a village with her family learning the ropes of her responsibility in taking care of the family with walking at least 8 hours a day to provide water for all of the. The other is a a young boy named Salva who's camp gets taken over and is forced to leave and find a refugee camp on his own and he lost his family and has no clue if they are dead or alive.
6. I think that I will be able to finish my book next time in class.
Taylor Otheim
02:49 PM ET (US)
1. I am reading Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe.
2. This book is 153 pages long and I am on pg. 96.
3. My book is taking place somewhere in Nigeria in the Ibo tribe Umuofia village, it does not give an exact date. Judging by the primitive tools and way of life I would say early 1900s.
4. In the book, they are VERY supersticious. They believe in many gods, like the god of earth, rain, wind, sun. They believe that if nature killed you, it did so for a reason. In the book, when a wife bears twins, they are thrown into an "evil forest". It is socially acceptable to hang oneself if his crops don't grow during that season. Men can have as many as three wives and they can bear 9 children each. If a priest comes to you and demands that the earth god kill your son, you give up your son.
5. The main character so far, is Okonkwo. He came from a very poor childhood, his father was the definition of lazy and freeloading. Okonkwo beat his father when he came of age and made his own farm. He is a VERY hard worker. He also is a great warrior as well. Very well respected. He does not tolerate laziness, and when his wives/ children show any signs of weakness, he beats them.
6. I could for sure be done by Friday.
Emilee Mitchell
02:48 PM ET (US)
1. I am reading the book Lost Boy, Lost Girl by John Bul Dau and Martha Arual Akech
2. My book is 158 pages and I stopped at page 68
3. My book is set in Sudan in 1983. and found refuge in Pinyudu.
4. In the book I am reading is that the Dinka men have to be brave enough to risk their life to get their tribe food.
The Dinka men use cows as currency
5. The two main characters are John and Martha. They are both experiencing the same hardships from the war. They both were sent out of their town that they were originally in, and are now seeking refuge. They both ended up in the same camp but haven't crossed paths.
6. I'd have it done by Friday
Jenna Wendell
02:48 PM ET (US)
1. I am reading Thunder over Kandahar by Sharon E. McKay.
2. My book is 247 pages long and i'm at page 112.
3. My book is set in present day Afganistan. So far what I have discovered about the setting is that the Taliban is close by, close enough to attack the village the main characters are currently in.
4. In the book I am reading the woman/girls are not allowed to walk around the village without a man with them. Also that if the woman/girls do not have a burka on while in the village the Taliban will attack them. When in school, girls and boys must not be taught in the same room. Also that the Taliban will not allow girls to be educated.

5.The main characters are Tamanna, Mor, Yasmine, Baba, and mother. Tamanna is the daughter of Mor. Tamanna and Yasmine are about 14 or 15 years old. Yasmine is the daughter of Baba and mother. Within the first few chapters, mother is attacked is left with a leg injury. Tamanna and Mor lived with Tamannas uncle who beats Mor.
6. I believe I could finish the book by Friday and be ready to present on Tuesday.
Jacob Rohan
02:48 PM ET (US)
1.I am raeding Sunrise Over Fallujah by Walter Dean Myers.
2. My book is 282 pages and I stopped at page 38.
3. My book is set in Iraq in the year 2003.
4. In the book i am reading i have learned that the soldiers had to go through the terms of engagement before they could fight the Iraqis. If the Iraqis were shooting up in the air you couldn't take it as a threat. The book hasn't been taking about cultural difference yet.
5. The main character is Robin, he writes to uncle about what been going on. Jonesy is Robins friend, he likes blues music and doesn't sound intelligent. Marla calls Robin birdy and it very much annoys him.
6. I think I will finish my book by Friday. I think I will be ready to present by Tuesday.
Kara Nytroe
02:47 PM ET (US)
1. I am reading My Forbidden Face by Karenna Gore Schiff.
2. My book is 210 pages and I stopped at page 59.
3. My book is set in Kabul, Afghanistan in the years of 1997 through 2001. They live in the countries capital
4. A women can not show their nakedness to anyone besides their husband or doctor. Also when you want to cry you have to go to a room where no one is at.
5. Latifa is a sixteen year old girl who is telling telling the story. Latifa, because she is the youngest, she is known to get her way all the time. I have met all of her family, two sisters, brother, and mom and dad.
6.I would probably get done by Friday.
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