CYOMRCGTG: POJ CYOMRCGTG: POJ QuickTopic <![CDATA[Dragonpaul | I don't believe the Fireman is given any confirmation on...]]> 2016-10-27T02:04Z <![CDATA[Palamedes | I think a roleblock on Pilot specifically would shut it...]]> 2016-10-27T01:45Z <![CDATA[Dragonpaul | Makes sense to me. I wonder how roleblocking would work on...]]> 2016-10-25T00:33Z <![CDATA[Palamedes | Hm. I think roleblocking stops a role from working, not...]]> 2016-10-25T00:01Z <![CDATA[Dragonpaul | Druplesnubb is also amp tracking DC --> Pilot, which means...]]> 2016-10-24T20:28Z <![CDATA[Dragonpaul | Oh good god, GX is triple driving Pilot, and Pilot is using...]]> 2016-10-24T08:30Z <![CDATA[Dragonpaul | Quick thought: How should we resolve roleblocks? Do they...]]> 2016-10-24T06:46Z <![CDATA[Dragonpaul | I should be able to do it then, it's all good.]]> 2016-10-22T22:53Z <![CDATA[Palamedes | I probably won't be, but it's something I can take care of...]]> 2016-10-22T20:34Z <![CDATA[Dragonpaul | Alright sounds good, I think I can handle dayend and any...]]> 2016-10-22T19:15Z <![CDATA[Palamedes | As I mentioned in general games, I'm going to be away for the...]]> 2016-10-22T17:38Z <![CDATA[Dragonpaul | Sounds good on all fronts, except for the EOC, which I think...]]> 2016-10-21T21:38Z <![CDATA[Palamedes | re: anacreon's question I am thinking yes. re: Druple I'd...]]> 2016-10-21T13:48Z <![CDATA[Dragonpaul | The exact wording of that role seems to lead towards the...]]> 2016-10-21T04:17Z <![CDATA[Palamedes | Pilot: Learns exactly who visited all players tonight....]]> 2016-10-21T04:09Z