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IR 4th Quarter Journal #2: 3/29 Blue

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Griffin Smith
04:23 PM ET (US)

I am currently reading The Right Fight by Chris Lynch. I am on age 54 out 189. I did not do any reading over my break but did spend time with family. I am reading non-fiction and war. I am enjoying the book right now because he is a very young kid and he is very relatable. He really likes to play sports and hang out with friends. But sadly, he gets sent to fight the Nazis in WWII. His main determination is his fiancee Hannah and the fact that "Nazis Hate Baseball"
Damon Kindt
03:13 PM ET (US)
I have just finished Sergeant Rex. I only read on Monday night the last day of our break which is when I had finished my book. I spent most of my time with friends and family and the gym. I enjoyed this book a lot because it was very intense and insightful as to what its like over seas in that division. Being apart of the k-9 unit in the marines would be an amazing experience not only because of the job you but the connection you make with your companion. This book is a Non- Fiction documentary book.
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Taylor Otheim
03:01 PM ET (US)
I am still reading Left for Dead by Pete Nelson. I am on page 69 of 191.
Over break, I did not read at all. I spent most of my time running, and eating/fishing.
The genre is historical nonfiction.
I am enjoying this book, it really makes me believe that I am there. It gets me emotionally into it as well. I get angry with them, and happy too. I can't share their sadness though, because I don't know what they're going through when the ship sinks and they lose friends. I can't imagine what these guys had to go through.
Kamryn Lindskov
01:57 PM ET (US)
I just finished the book Finding Me by Michelle Knight. It had 249 pages
I overall enjoyed this book as you can tell I finished it within 3 days. The book was very interesting telling the life of one girl who was a victim of the Cleveland kidnapping. She was the first of the three girls trapped in a dark dirty house full of nightmares. Kept captive for 11 years this book is about her grueling journey and her will to live. Her hardship did not start in that house. Michelle had a rough life from the start. From living in a house with 15 other people in it, being a rape victim for years, becoming homeless, being a runner for a drug dealer, then becoming pregnant and dropping out of school, to getting her baby taken from social services. Her son was what kept her going in this house she was kept captive in. Throughout this book she explains the horrific events that went on in that house. This is the most difficult heart breaking book I have ever read, but it really makes you blessed for what you have rather then looking at what is missing in your life. This is a great read for anyone.
Noah Vettrus
11:48 AM ET (US)
Right now I am still reading Phoenix Island. There are 306 pages and I finished on page 279. Over the break I read a lot of Phoenix Island and will probably finish it next class and start the next book. The book I am reading right now is full of action and suspense. Phoenix Island is a very exciting book because it is about boys who have to survive on an island. The island is like a boot camp to reform juvenile criminals. They are told they will be released on their 18th birthday and have their records cleaned. The main character discovers that this might not be the case and they all may end up dead or turned into hardened killer assassins. I like that I can relate to the characters in the book because they are all my age.
Julia Branson
04:25 PM ET (US)
I am reading Burned. There is 531 pages and I'am on page 143. No I did not do any reading during the break. The genre of the book is fiction. Yes I enjoy Burned. It has different ways the characters shows what she is feeling. The book is in poem form. When she don't now what to think the poem will be one word per line. It depends on what she is feeling. Over all I like the book.
Sarah Chmelar
04:24 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading UnSouled by Neal Shusterman. It has 404 pages and I stopped on page 335 today.
I did not do any reading during my five day break.
UnSouled by Neal Shusterman is science fiction.
I am enjoying UnSouled very much. I like that when one character is not doing something exciting another is. Of course there are characters that I dislike but their actions make the story go on and make it more exciting. The one thing I dislike about it is that the timing sometimes goes back and forth and you have to realize it to understand parts. Overall I really am enjoying it though because it has many adventures that make the story move along.
Sheylee Stowers
04:22 PM ET (US)
I'm currently reading the book American Sniper. This book has 376 pages to it and today I ended on page 39.
I didn't read any books over the break that we just had.
This book is of the non-fiction genre.
From the 39 pages that i've read so far, I'm really enjoying the book. I I've seen the movie American Sniper that correlates with this book and it was really good. However, I can already tell that the book is going to be more detailed than the movie itself, which I'm excited for. I can't really say that I dislike anything about this book because I'm not far into it yet.
Kobe Moldrem
04:22 PM ET (US)
I am reading A Season To Remember by Carson Tinker. It has 189 pages and I stopped on page 30 today. I did do some reading as I actually finished Our Boys over the weekend. The genre of my current book is nonfiction sports. I am enjoying it so far. I like how it goes about his life and what changed him in college. After it describes the event that occurred in his college days, it went back to the struggles of his childhood. Thats all it has gone over and I am looking forward to keep reading.
Makayla Schilling
04:22 PM ET (US)
I am still reading The Kill Order by James Dashner today I finished on page 87 out of 327 pages. Unfortunately I didn't get any reading done over the break. The genre of the book that I am reading if non-fiction. I am enjoying this book, I like how it has flashbacks to before the village that they are in. I like how it gave detail at the bingeing but it also put action into it like in the first 4 chapters there is some sort of action. There are parts that are confusing at first I didn't understand that it was a flash back. I also like the idea of the story so far it is set after there were these things called the flare, and the people are trying to survive and find other people.
Nathan Hanisch
04:21 PM ET (US)
I am reading Alex Rider Snake Head. It has 385 pages and I stopped on page 201.
I read a little of Alex Rider but I did not finish it.
The genre is fiction/adventure
I am enjoying the book I am reading. I like how it has a lot of action. I also like how it ties itself to the other books. I do not like the long pauses between the action though.
Corwin McBreen
04:21 PM ET (US)
I am reading the living it has 308 pages and i stopped on pg 200. On my 5 day break i read a couple of pages her and there. The book i am reading is fiction. I am really liking the book. It is about a kid that is on a curse ship and is working on it. He thought it would be fine and all but then something happens. The ship has some problems and is lost at sea. With the ship lost he has to fight to survive. There are many challenges coming his way. One thing i don't like about the boo is that the chapter are days. I kind of makes it hard to understand at some points.
Nathan Masloski
04:21 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading A Higher Call. There are 368 pages and I stopped on page 60 today. Over the five day break I managed to finish the book, Born of Fury. It was a quality book i enjoyed all of the action that was in store for the readers. I am currently reading a non-fiction book about a guy from a war. I am not really enjoying this book over all. I do not really like war books but I got a tip saying it was a good read nut so far I do not think so. I dislike reading about torture and how people suffer or watch others suffer in front of them. Over all I believe that I will get a new book by tomorrow.
Gabrielle Englund
04:20 PM ET (US)
I am reading the book Fallout. The book has 663 pages and I stopped on page 16. I read about fifty pages of my last book over break. The genre of the book I am currently reading in fiction. I really enjoy this book so far. Although I'm not very far into the book, I am excited to continue reading it. I also like the fact that these style of books are such quick reads. I don't like, however, the sudden abruptness of the plot line in these books.
Emily Kramer
04:20 PM ET (US)
Today I finished Plan B and I am currently reading Benito Runs. There are 100 pages and I stopped on page 17.
I did read a little over break, from Plan B but not much. The genre of Benito Runs is fiction. Yes I am enjoying the book so far. Ive only read one chapter but I really enjoy how happy and preppy the main character/ narrator is. I dis like how the topic of each paragraph is different. Its a bit confusing at times. I think I will highly in enjoy this book.
Amber Muth
04:19 PM ET (US)

2 sentences: I started reading My Life Next Door today. There are 394 pages and I stopped at page 82 today. Over the long break, I finished Thirteen Reasons Why. The genre of the book I am currently reading is romance. As of right now, I am enjoying my book. It was very slow moving at the beginning though. I like how the author is very detailed about the characters. I also like how the author starts the book 10 years prior to now.
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