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Final Independent Reading Journal 1/12/2016

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Ellie Stone
04:27 PM ET (US)
I am reading The Fault In Our Stars, and have stopped on page 40. I have read 9 book this semester and 5 this quarter. Most of my genres are mystery or realistic fiction. I read a couple outside of that, but not many. My favorite book EVER has been Taken. Least favorite of all was the Christmas Bliss, It wasn’t really my type. I learned that, as a reader, I mainly like mystery novels. Anything less than that I get bored. I don’t like a certain writer, just a certain genre.
Zach Neal
03:12 PM ET (US)
1. I finished reading a total of 9 books. I read The Trap, Arthur: The Seeing Stone, Falling Kingdoms, The Alchemist, The Wettest County in the World, The rise and fall of Darth Vader, The legacy of the Jedi, Kenobi, and The Wrath of Darth Maul. The 2nd quarter I read all those Star Wars books.
2. My first book, the Trap was a mystery. Falling Kingdoms and Arthur were fantasy books. I read a non-fiction book and also a graphic novel. The 2nd quarter I read 4 Star Wars books, which were obviously science fiction.
3. My favorite book was The Wrath of Darth Maul. Maul had always been mysterious and interesting, so reading the book was great. He is trained to be in assassin from birth by Darth Sidious. He breaks bones all the time and does the hardest tests ever.
4. My least favorite book was Arthur: The Seeing Stone. It wasn't a bad book but it was slow and never had any action at all. I would't recommend it to anyone that doesn't like fantasy.
5. I learned this semester that if I pick out a book I enjoy, I can read it in 1 day if I really wanted. I'm a good reader when I want to be. I really enjoyed the Star Wars books and will continue reading them. The author Ryder Wyndham wrote 2 of them, and he was very suspenseful author. He kept me on my toes always wondering what the next chapter would be about.
Blaine Wittrock
03:01 PM ET (US)
1) I finished reading a total of 8 books this quarter. I have read Conspiracy 365: August - Revenge, The Last Thing I Remember, and The Long way Home. I have read a total of 21 books throughout the semester.
2) I have read Realistic-Fiction books throughout the semester.
3) My favorite book was The Conspiracy 365 books.
4) I didn't have a least favorite book.
5) I learned how much I loved reading.
Kendra Tucker
02:22 PM ET (US)
I finished the book Kaffir Boy two days ago.

1. I have only read three books this quarter. I have read Pride Over Pity, Not Afraid of Life, and Kaffir Boy. I have read a total of 12 books this whole semester.
2. There were different types of genres I read this semester they include: fiction, memoir, interview, non-fiction, women's studies, self help, graphic novel, and autobiography.
3. My favorite book from the semester would be The Pregnancy Project because I have seen the movie multiple times, just never read the book. Also the fact I love learning about pregnancy.
4. My least favorite book from the semester would have to be I am NOT A SLUT. This being that that was the only book I never finished.
5. I have learned how much I actually get done when I just sit down and read a book I actually want to read. I also learned that I like reading a lot about teen pregnancy or pregnancy in general.
Nick Gabbert
11:02 AM ET (US)
I finished the scorch trials and I started my fifth book on Monday

1. I finished my fifth book, yesterday when I was reading last night. I have read a total of 10 books this whole semester, which I didn't think I could do but I did.
2. Many of my books were fiction, action, or sports fiction. Those are the books that I am most interested in because I am a sports guy so I like that stuff. Also action books really interest me, because of the suspense that the book brings.
3. My favorite book of the whole semester was The Maze Runner, because I watched the movie before I read the book so I knew I had to read the book. And it just made the movie a whole lot better.
4. My least favorite book was Jurassic World, because it did not go into depth like the movie did and it just left you hanging on what would happen. The book wasn't that long so it was expected to be that way. But it should go into depth more about the story.
5. I want to read more because it can help you with your vocabulary when you are out in the work field. And it is just important to read so you can develop your brain. I learned that I enjoyed more action and adventure stories than I did sports stories. I read many books by Mike Lupica because I like his type of style. And its because he writes a bunch of sports books.
Dani Cooper
04:24 PM ET (US)
I'm reading the fourth book to the Maze Runner series, The Kill Order, and I stopped at page 111.
1. I have nine books recorded for this quarter but I've read over twenty if you count manga books. The Beyonders, Vampire high, Wings, Spells, Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, Death Cure, The Kill Order, Assassins Blade, Trash, Clay lord (book 3), Dragon ball (books 1-9), and Psych (books 1-2), Those are the ones I can remember anyway. For the entire semester? Seven actual novels and over twenty manga books, mostly in the Naruto series, so somewhere around fifty if you count my manga books if not, then about 16 novels
2. All of them are fiction, a lot of them are adventure, fantasy, and survival books, laced with a little mystery and romance (usually).
3. If I had to choose I would probably pick the Maze Runner series!
4. Probably the Septimus Heap series, the second series Todhunter Moon was great but the Septimus Heap series didn't impress me nearly as much.
5. I guess I've relearned that I can't read sad books, or at least end at a sad part, because I tend to catch those feelings and I can't let go, it usually makes me irritable or depressed so I like to choose happy books. When I was really little I loved to read but then I stopped loving it, my sister Joanna lent me the book that spurred her back into reading, Alana, and it spurred me too. I find that I read in a fashion that is similar to the way I do nearly everything, I binge, then I fast. During the school year I read as if my life depends on it but during the summer I barely even touch books let alone read them. I have found something quite unique though, every book I enjoy reading, which is nearly every one, the main character has a strong set of morals and is loyal to their friends. They may not be all that much in the beginning, and they are by no means perfect, but as I journey with them and watch as their choices shape their life and mold them into who they will become, I feel like I'm becoming stronger too, that has to be one of my most favorite feelings!
Melissa Tuttle
04:16 PM ET (US)
I am reading Tornado and am on page 37.
1. This quarter I read The Red Pony by John Steinbeck, Tornado by Betsy Byars, The Vow by Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, Life of Pi, and The Book Thief. This semester I read 10 books.
2. I mostly read romance and historical fiction novels. However, I also read a Graphic novel and a biography.
3. My favorite book of the semester was The Book Thief because it was so interesting and captivating. It was told through Death's perspective and it was very moving emotionally.
4. My least favorite book of this semester was Tornado because it skipped around a lot and didnt get into very great detail.
5. I learned that I enjoy getting captivated in a book. I like taking my time with it, getting to know the characters, and really immersing myself in the novel. I am still not the fastest reader, but I have found it more and more enjoyable as the semester has gone on. I also realized I like thicker novels because they present a greater opportunity for story development.
Kailee Jorgensen
04:13 PM ET (US)
I am reading Sold and I stopped on page 122 today.

1, I finished six books this quarter: Stargirl, Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades Freed, The Great Gatsby, and Of Mice and Men. I finished 11 books this semester.

2. The different genres of my books were fiction, realistic fiction, historical fiction, romantic fiction, and western fiction.

3. My favorite book of the semester was Fifty Shades Freed.

4. My least favorite book of the semester was Empty.

5. This semester I learned that I am a slow reader that pays attention to detail. I learned that I like books that are realistic and could actually happen. I learned that E. L. James is a very detailed writer. She has an odd way of telling love stories.
Rachel Ely
04:13 PM ET (US)
I just finished reading The Last Song.
1.I finished reading 6 books this quarter: Frost, Let it Snow, Stork, The Christmas Secret, Flock, The Last song. I finished a total of 14 books this whole semester.
2. I read all the genres of: realistic fiction, non-fiction, graphic novel, fiction, fantasy fiction, romantic teen fiction.
3. My favorite book has to be The Last Song.
4. My least favorite book was the graphic novel Chigger's just because there wasn't much to the storyline.

5. I'm proud to say I finished 14 books this semester. I learned that I can actually read pretty fast when I put my mind to it. That I really do enjoy reading lots of different kinds of books. The books I enjoy the most are realistic fiction with lots of dialog and story lines that keep me intrigued.
Carter Haas
04:00 PM ET (US)
I am reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and am on page 76.

I only have read three books this quarter mainly because of basketball because there is at least one to two games a week which they get done late at night. And also because there is semester tests and I want to do good on them so I try to study at night which is when I normally read so I don't get a lot of time to do it. This quarter the books that I have read consist of two Harry Potter ones called The Prisoner of Azkaban and the Sorcerers Stone also the second book in the Divergent series called Insurgent. In all I have read a total of eight books the whole semester which is really good and I don't think in years past I have read that many of that thickness ever. Well the Harry Potter series are obviously fiction because 90 percent of the stuff in it isn't real and Utopian which consist of the Divergent Series because they are supposed to have a organized society. Also, some graphic novels and lastly Unbroken which is fiction because it really did happen to the guy in the story. The most favorite book that I read this semester would probably have to be Insurgent because It always keeps you on the edge of your seat like when peter saved Tris from getting killed by Jeannine. The Least favorite book this semester would have to be Frankenstein just because there was so many boxes that you had to read and some of it didn't make sense and was hard to follow. I learned about myself that I can read a lot if I put my mind to something and I could get a lot done when I did do that. And surprising or not I actually looked forward to this class sometimes just because you could relax and read a good book that you wanted to know what happened next. Finally, and it still stays the same after a lot of reading I still like fiction the best out of all the genres that I have read this year.
Heather Totton
03:55 PM ET (US)
I am reading The Heartbreakers, I am on page 50.

1. I finished reading five books this semester: I Am Malala, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, The Shack, A Walk to Remember, and The Heartbreakers. This semester I read 10 books.
2.Most of the books that I read were realistic fiction. I also read a few memoirs, a graphic novel, and a humor book.
3.My most favorite book that I read was Paper Towns.
4.My least favorite book this semester was Peanut. It was the graphic novel.
5.I learned that I enjoy reading books that I get to choose. I like realistic fiction books, I learned that I also enjoy memoirs. I enjoy writing that is more light-hearted and funny.
Jordan Heyder
03:54 PM ET (US)
I am reading the warlock. I stopped on page 209.

1. Not including this book read four books this semester. I read The Sorceries, miss peregrine's home for peculiar children, The Necromancer, and Dark Fire. I read Eight books in the semester.
2. I Read five fantasy novels, one sic-fic book, a graphic novel, and a mystery/supernatural novel.
3.My favorite book that i read this semester is The Sorceries.
4.My least favorite book i read was The Clone codes
5.I learned that i tend to read fantasy books that deal with ether gods or magic a lot more. I seem to enjoy reading them because its not a real life thing that would really happen. Sense they wouldn't happen it would seem interesting to me cause i would never get to actually experience it first hand.
Alexia Allen
03:53 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading Shelter by Harlan Coben and I stopped on page 73.

I will have 5 books finished this quarter, Slide, Killer Instinct, Dead to you, Blind Spot, and Shelter. In the entire semester i finished about 13 books in total. I read a lot of crime and mystery novels, I also read some drama, supernatural, horror and 2 graphic novels. My favorite book of this semester would have to be The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. My least favorite book this semester would be Rage. This semester I learned that I really enjoy crime-mystery books more then I thought I did. Also I was pretty surprised that I finished 13 books seeing as last year I finished 15 in a whole school year. Last but not least I found an author and a series by that author that I really enjoyed, which would be The Naturals series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.
Augie Johnson
03:51 PM ET (US)
I finished the book Day of Infamy at the beginning of class

1. I read 6 books this quarter. They were J.R., Once, Then, Now, The Only Thing to Fear, and Day of Infamy. This semester I read a total of 11 books.
2. Some of my genres I read include War, History, Non-Fiction, Sports, Biography, and one Dystopian book.
3. My most favorite book would have to be Then, which was the middle book of that series written by Morris Gleitzman.
4. My least favorite book was Eight Men Out.
5. This semester I learned that I can actually enjoy reading. A lot of my time in school I thought that reading was incredibly boring and not worth it, but this class changed my views on that. I also learned that I am a huge history and sports buff because thats entirely what I read about this year. I had one book that wasn't about a war or sports or some kind of history, which was Shooter by Walter Dean Myers. Lastly, I found out that I LOVE to read about World War 2. I read 5 different books about WW2, and a sixth that was based off of what would've happened if the Nazi's won, so maybe even six WW2 books.
Edited 01-12-2016 03:52 PM
Colter Quinn
03:51 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading Divergent by Veronica Roth and I'm on page 142 (surprisingly)..

1. This quarter, I probably truthfully only finished about 1-3 books, come on, I'm a slow reader, plus this class just was idk. This whole quarter, I'm probably looking around 5-6 book maybe. I was not into reading this year, which makes me feel bad because Renner, you're my favorite teacher.

2. My books though out this whole quarter were basically Memoir's. I don't think I read anything other than a memoir. I think I am reading Divergent right now and idk is Fiction, idk.

3. I definitely liked the first book I read, which was "A Work In Progress" by Connor Franta, then I my other favorite book had to be the second to last book I read. Which was Kris Jenner and All Things Kardashian. I mean come on, who doesn't love the Kardashians.

4. Least favorite? Mhmm, wow, lets see, all of them except for the two above. I am really not a reader, unless I am deeply interested in it, then I'll read it. But to be truthful, I don't think I disliked any of the books I read. They were all great to me.

5. I learned a lot about myself as a reader this semester, which is, I don't like reading at all. I think some books that I am deeply involved with are great, then there are some where I'm just like, "why am I reading this?" so I think I learned that, I do like to read, but only if I like the topic. I could NOT handle sitting in a quiet room reading. This was probably the toughest thing I had to do. I've made some pretty great friends in this class and sitting quiet when I could be talking to them was a struggle. I enjoy reading when I am in a bad mood, then no one will talk to me. AM I DOING ALL OF THESE RIGHT? Hope so. I particularly like memoirs, I love reading about peoples lives. I want people to read about my life, if I came out with a book. I never read a book by the same author because they were all Memoirs on different people. SO it was never the same, but I like that. So I guess this whole thing was a great experience for me.
03:51 PM ET (US)
I just finished Redeemed by Margaret Peterson had today.
1. I read Life of Pi, Torn, The 100:Homecoming, Caught, Risked, The Book Thief, Revealed, Divergent, and Redeemed during the second quarter. I read seventeen books throughout the semester.
2. I stuck to mystery books throughout the semester. I did however read a couple history books about World War 2. Some of the books I read had action and time travel in them. I also read one graphic novel.
3. My most favorite book of the semester would probably have to be Level Up. This was my graphic novel and the reason that I enjoyed it is because it came with a great life lesson. I also enjoyed the two series' that I read but do not have a favorite book within the series'.
4.My least favorite book would have to be Life of Pi and that is because it started really slow.
5.I learned that I enjoy reading if I have time. It is hard for me to set aside time to read but I know I should. I learned that I am a pretty fast reader and that I love mystery books. I read a ton of books by Margaret Peterson Haddix but that is because it was a series of 8 books. From what I understand, she likes to write mystery books and include things that are not real. In this series for instance, she focused on time travel.
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