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For group discussions, QuickTopic free
message boards are
better than e-mail.

Start a message board in ten seconds.
Friends can post on your board here or from their own e-mail. It's private, or you can easily link to it.

QuickTopic looks great on phones and tablets.

QuickTopic's message boards are really easy to use. Here's an example message board you can play with. Feel free to post a message!

Grows with you
You start with a single-topic message board. If you want more boards for different topics, create them anytime. You get a page that links to all your boards, and you can share that too. Here's an example.

Private or public
The web address (URL) for your message board is a hard-to-guess bunch of random letters. You publicize your board by using our friendly inviter tool, e-mail, linking it to your website, Facebook, Twitter — whatever. How private is it? 

Works with e-mail too
Anyone in your group can choose to get an e-mail every time there's a new message on your board. If they reply to that e-mail, their reply gets posted to your message board.

So go ahead!
Create your first board and play around with it. You can easily delete it and start another one, or invite your group and keep going. It's free.

Start Free Topic

Customize your topic boards: Add your own logo or picture and heading text, change colors and fonts. Our Personalization Wizard makes it easy. Create different looks for each topic, or one for all of them. Take a look at the examples here and here!


Allow your participants to upload images (.jpg, .gif, .png files) as part of posts, so everyone can view them along with messages.

Password protection

Optionally control access to your topics with a secret password.

More admin tools

More tools that you'll want if you've got a long-running board with lots of messages and participants.

Control message posting

If you're ever bothered by someone who posts annoying messages, you'll be able to view the IP address from which each message was posted, and block it or pre-approve messages before they're posted.